This tribe comprises of selfless and relentless individuals who are hungry and believe in the fullness of THE BLESSING. Those people who believe that we are now in the ERA of THE BLESSING. All the hidden mysteries have been unveiled and unfolded in these last days. They emphatically embrace THE BLESSING of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This tribe is a special people, a unique nation that believes in God’s power to prosper His children and make them rich according to Proverbs 10:22. They are cognisant of the exchange and shift that happened when Christ came and redeemed them from the curse according to Galatians 3:14. This tribe is unashamed to walk at the highest frequency of THE BLESSING.

This tribe is a great nation, whose name continually grows. They are blessed of the Lord, spiritually, financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The fulcrum of their existence is to be a blessing to others according to Genesis 12:2.

Does this sound like you? Join the tribe! Welcome to THE BLESSING MOVEMENT!


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